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My Books

Welcome to my page! Here you will find a collection of my books that I am excited to share with you. Take a look around and discover new stories that will captivate your imagination.

Golden Rules to Boost Your Self Confidence

Embark on a transformative journey with our digital book, "Golden Rules to Boost Your Self-Confidence." This meticulously crafted guide is more than just a book; it's a roadmap to rediscovering your inner strength and building unshakeable confidence.

🌟 Key Features:

Expert Insights: Authored by a seasoned life experiences, this book distills years of wisdom into practical, easy-to-follow advice.
Interactive Exercises: Engage with thought-provoking activities designed to challenge and grow your self-esteem.

🚀 Benefits:

Boost Your Confidence: Learn strategies to overcome self-doubt and embrace your true potential.
Transform Your Perspective: Shift your mindset to see challenges as opportunities for growth.
Achieve Your Goals: With newfound confidence, unlock the ability to achieve personal and professional milestones.

📘 Inside the Book:

Chapter 1: Understanding Self-Confidence: Delve into what self-confidence truly means and why it's essential.

Chapter 2: The Golden Rules: 14 Rules to develop your self confidence.

Chapter 3: Conclusion.

✨ Who is this book for?

Whether you're someone struggling with self-doubt, a professional seeking to elevate your career, or simply looking to improve your overall self-esteem, this book is your companion on the path to becoming your most confident self.

📥 Instant Digital Access

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4 Inspiring Life Stories

Everyone around you is trying to be disciplined. In other words, everyone is focused on a certain goal and thinks about how to do the things needed for that goal and how to keep themselves under control without succumbing to instant distractions. Even the person who has a cigarette in his mouth, a beer on his table, and parties in nightclubs every night. Even though it seems pleasant and comfortable, everyone is secretly searching for how to be disciplined. But no one has any idea how to be disciplined.

The Most Important Rule of the Life
It's a very simple rule, very simple but very deep. When I say it, you will feel that it has capillary arms touching every place in your life. And you will say, “actually I know this”. The rule is, always do whatever is most emotionally difficult for you. This is exactly the opposite of what most people do. So, people generally do what is emotionally comfortable. Let's dive into it...

Forgiving your Parents
In this part, I'm talking about the importance of forgiving parents and therefore getting rid of the victim mentality. If you blame your parents, the country, the system, capital, your bosses, your primary school teacher, and who knows what else as a reason for your unpleasant situation, you are in a victim mentality.

Preventing Social Anxiety
To be awkward and out of tune by speaking or by not speaking?

In this section, we will talk about what you should do to avoid being awkward in an environment.

When your attention is in your head, you become strange and misfit. When your attention is outside your head, you become relaxed.

There is a very simple experiment you can do on this subject: Think about how you walk while walking. Now I will put my right foot forward, now I will lift my knee, now I will do this, I will put the front sole of my foot on the ground, now my heel will touch the ground, etc. Start thinking about all those steps and you end up with the most awkward and incongruous walk ever.

All the stories has deep analyses on situations.

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